Missionaries have “servant hearts” that are constantly being poured out for the sake of the people they serve. Missionary newsletters will highlight wonderful victories and answers to prayer in order to encourage supporters to continue in their desperately needed prayer and partnership. However, the realities of missionary life include isolation, fatigue and lots of stress.  Furlough offers no relief since this is work as well. The constant and unrelenting demands of missionary work take a toll on the workers’ families, marriages, relationships and work. missionsake missionary retreats are designed to give the missionary an opportunity to retreat, refresh and refuel.

The Gathering

“The Gathering” missionary retreat is designed to bless full-time evangelical missionaries who are native English-speakers. This is a time to “clock-out” of daily ministry and bask in God’s refreshing love as we minister to you.  

Our missionary guests enjoy:

  • Networking with others missionaries

  • Comfortable accommodations

  • Great meals

  • Relaxing by the pool or at the beach

  • Revitalizing in corporate worship and Biblical teaching in English

  • Pertinent breakout sessions designed to equip them with tools for success

  • Fun age-appropriate programs for kids and youth

Why should missionaries attend the retreat? 

  • They are most effective and more equipped to help others when they have been refreshed and encouraged

  • Making time to allow God to restore their strength and enthusiasm for ministry helps prevent burnout

  • Worshipping together and hearing messages delivered in English refreshes their soul

  • They are encouraged by our guest speakers who know and understand the challenges faced on the field

  • Pertinent breakout sessions give them tools and strategies to successfully live out their mission

  • Fellowship with other missionaries opens opportunities to collaborate which can enhance their ministry and build unity in the Body of Christ

  • They have left family and friends to serve God on the mission field. Networking with other missionaries at The Gathering gives them the opportunity to develop new relationships with people who share their experience

  • Missionary kids often feel isolated and need opportunities to socialize with other missionary kids and develop a sense of belonging

  • In order to keep their costs manageable, the retreat is subsidized by our partners so that they can attend without budgetary concerns