“For His name sake they went out; So we as partners must take care of them in the Lord’s work.” - 3 John 1:5-8

Caring For and Equipping Missionaries
Serving in Central America

Journey with us as we care for the worker and the mission in Central America


Areas of Focus

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Missionary Retreat

We serve many denominations but we are all one family in Christ. Our yearly retreats provide rest and encouragement while fostering unity in God's family.

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Missionary Care

Support through personal counseling options, life coaching, marriage enrichment, and time of retreat.

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Equipping Missionaries

Training in strategic planning, ministry council, partner support, financial planning, mediation with co-laborers or sending churches, and reentry support.



For the Sake of the Mission


missionsake seeks to significantly increase the missionary’s longevity in the field and the impact of the mission by caring for the worker and promoting unity within the missionary community.

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