Our single missionaries are courageous and their lives have an elasticity that allows them to
respond easily to a variety of ministry opportunities! I Corinthians 7 teaches us that marital status does
not come in to play as a prerequisite for effective ministry. God has placed a call on
all our lives and our single missionaries are living it out well!


While single missionaries love spending time with missionary families, they enjoy the bonds of friendship with other singles too. missionsake offers opportunities for the singles to get together and get away as a community of their own.

The Hang-out offers an opportunity for the singles to get together for coffee on a monthly basis in San Salvador. This is a great time to share resources, help one another with daily errands and plan excursions together.

missionsake offers an annual weekend retreat for singles only. Normally held in the beginning of the year in beautiful Punta Mango, this is an opportunity for our singles to deepen friendships and strengthen community bonds with one another. Having tons of fun riding quads on the beach, horseback riding, taking surf lessons and going on boat tours helps our singles de-stress and refuel. Festive meals such as wood fire pizza and barbecued ribs and chicken add to the enjoyable ambiance of the weekend.

If you are a single missionary, you won’t want to miss the next Singles’ Retreat. Follow our Facebook page for retreat updates below: