missionsake has multiple opportunities for short-term teams to bless our missionary community and their ministries. We welcome churches, teams and individuals to partner with us as we care for the worker and the mission. Is God inspiring you to serve short-term in El Salvador? We would love to host a team with you! Come serve with us!


Ongoing construction projects

Construction teams help us repair, maintain and finish our planned improvements for our missionary retreat homes.

Interior Decorator Team

Do you like to shop and decorate?  Our missionary guest homes are pretty spartan. We need teams of people who like to decorate and know how to make a space comfortable and inviting.

Film Team

Part of the missionary’s job is reporting to partners. Video is a great way to present the need and the work of the ministry to churches and individuals. We need teams with expertise in film production to help create videos for our missionaries so they can easily share the need and the vision of their ministries.

Early November "The Gathering"

missionsake could not thrive without our Church Partners! Our Churches send regular teams to help us provide a well-rounded retreat for our missionaries serving in Central America. These Church Partners send teams to provide our:

  • Youth Programs

  • Kids’ Programs

  • Breakout sessions

  • Worship teams

  • Keynote Speakers

  • Counseling

Individual and Church Partnerships also provide much appreciated sponsorships! Because of this our missionaries can benefit from:

  • Missionary Family Scholarships

  • Celebration Dinner

  • Movie Night

  • Surf Camp

There is room in our Partner Community for more individuals and churches! Please pray about partnering with us to care for the worker and the mission.

*All donations are tax-deductible and you will receive a contribution statement at the end of the year.