As we have worked with missionaries in Central America, we have seen first-hand how ministry on the field puts stress on a marriage. Missionary work presents a unique set of challenges and trials to a married couple. A struggling marriage is painful, can cause dysfunction in the family, and failure to the ministry. We feel an urgency in our call to strengthen missionary marriages.  We have partnered with Standing Stone Ministries to come alongside the missionary couple and bring God’s healing and stability to the missionary marriage. Standing Stone Ministries shepherd, the shepherds through safe, confidential relationships and week-long couples’ retreats.


Missionary marriages are challenged and stretched thin by the demands of ministry on the foreign field. These challenges often seem insurmountable. Shepherds at Standing Stone Ministries want to help missionary couples navigate the difficulties they are facing in unity. Shepherds have been trained to walk with ministry leaders to unpack the pressures and problems they face, without having to fear the loss of their reputation or position. Shepherds are passionate about serving missionaries and can make the difference between marriage and ministry success or burnout. They are a safe harbor, they will not judge what you share and they will provide complete confidentiality.

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