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Missionary Kids Reentry Program

missionsake’s MK Reentry Program is a 6-week summer program for missionary kids graduating from high school and facing reentry to the U.S. Held in Costa Mesa, California, this program leads teens through the typical American teenage rites of passage such as: working at a minimum wage job, finding a friend group, opening a bank account, and managing their own money. missionsake shares the heart of the missionary parent concerned about the challenges that their teens face as they reenter the U.S. as independent young adults. We are prepared to introduce the MKs to their college/vocational years while meeting them in the middle of their questioning, helping them to find answers about who they are, and how they fit in. We come alongside them on their journey with God as they process their childhood experiences and define their identity in Christ.

 The 6-week MK Reentry Program includes

  • 15 days of housing in the dorms at Vanguard University for a taste of Christian college life

  • Living with a family from one of our partner churches

  • Assistance in applying for a job with a vendor at the Orange County Fair

  • Customer service and job training

  • Work in a fun environment ($11/hr. min wage)

  • Discipleship focused on discussing faith, and what it means to be a Third Culture Kid

  • Enjoying outings and debriefing with other MKs

  • Conversations with former missionaries about the challenges of living in the U.S.

  • Weekly group dinners

  • California fun days at the beach and other outings

Eligibility: The program is designed for both incoming and graduating High School Seniors, as well as those who have just finished their first year of college or their first year back in the U.S.  

Please download forms and email to mandy@missionsake.com


Downloadable PROGRAM Flyer

If you know of MKs that would be interested in attending the program please feel free to download our flier.

Downloadable Flyer

Sponsor a MK for the summer

Sponsor a MK to attend this amazing program. Your gift of $2,000 will sponsor a MK to attend this 6-week program.

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Staying at Vanguard University

What does the program at Vanguard include? +

The MKs will participate in orientation and team building exercises. With our guidance they will submit their job applications for work at the Orange County Fair and will practice interviewing skills. They will receive professional job/customer service training and will begin their employment at the OC Fair. Since the fair is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, these days will be used for team building, group outings and meeting with a Vanguard College Counselor. Our MKs will also be welcomed to the Newport Mesa Church College Group which is located on the Vanguard campus.

Can you tell me more about the accommodations at Vanguard University?+

Our MK Program has been given the privilege to rent dormitory facilities at Vanguard University for this period of time. Our MKs will be housed with 2-3 MKs of the same gender in each room. The rooms are furnished with a twin bed, a dresser and a desk for each student. missionsake will provide bedding and bath towels (not beach towels). Our MKs will have access to the Vanguard dining commons, laundry and other student facilities. School will not be in session; however, the campus will be bustling with various student interest groups (athletic etc.) thus giving the MKs a good feel of what it may be like to live on a Christian College Campus. Learn more about the dormitories and campus amenities here.

Will the students be in a safe environment during this time?+

Yes! The Vanguard campus is a compact and very safe campus. The Vanguard Public Safety Officers are on patrol around the clock and can provide escorts to and from any location on campus. Vanguard is located immediately across the street from the fairgrounds and the streets are well populated, well lit, and well patrolled while the fair is in process. The MKs will be encouraged to move around the area in pairs and groups.

Are there rules of conduct the MKs will be expected to follow? +

This program is intended to help the MKs make wise choices and behave with maturity. With this in mind, we ask that they uphold and respected guideline of the university. Link for Code of Conduct pages 22-24.

Staying in a missionsake Partner Family Home

What does the program during the weeks that the kids are at Partner Home include? +

During these three weeks, the Mk’s will be scheduled to work at their jobs. Time off will be spent enjoying the company of their host families, weekly gatherings with our MK group, intentional worship services, and outings to the beach. On August 5-8 the MKs will retreat to the MK Reentry Program at Big Bear Lake. During the program they will benefit from group sessions with Michael Pollock’s Reentry Team, enjoy water sports on the lake and dinners out.

How are the family homes selected? +

missionsake takes great responsibility in making sure that our MKs will be in a safe and loving environment. Each family has been interviewed by our partner church, has undergone a thorough background check, and has been approved by missionsake.

Will the MKs be included in family activities or are they just boarding at these homes? +

Although our MKs will be busy with work and with Reentry Program events, our families hope to include the MKs in as many family meals and activities as scheduling allows. Ideally, this will give our MKs connections that will turn into a life-long friendship. While living with the families, we ask the MKs to be helpful around the house and to respect family values, rules, and curfews.

Will the MKs be housed individually or will there be multiple MKs staying in each home? +

Some families are able to accommodate pairs of students while others can take only one. But all the homes are in close proximity allowing students to continue to develop their community with one another.

Working at the fair

How will the kids commute from the homes to their jobs at the fairgrounds? +

All the homes are located in the neighborhoods near the fairgrounds. Students will be a short bike ride or walk from their place of employment. Their routes are well populated, well lit, and well patrolled by law enforcement during the OC fair event. Students will be encouraged to coordinate with one another so that they can move around in pairs and groups

My child has no job experience; how will this affect their application process? +

Not at all. We are expecting this will be the first employment experience for most of our MKs. We are excited to give them this opportunity to gain some work experience! We will provide a “bootcamp” at Vanguard University on job training.

Are the kids guaranteed jobs? +

Yes. If they have been accepted to the MK Reentry Program, they are assured of a job. If a student is unable to secure a job with a vender at the OC fair Mike and Brittney will provide a job at Bacon-A-Fair.

What will happen if my MK does not perform well at the job? +

We understand this is a learning experience for the MKs. The employers are patient in training the employees. If a MK is not performing, they will simply be counseled and retrained or given a task at which they can excel.


Who are the people that will be walking with our MKs during this program+

Cristina Roebuck will be heading up our team of mentors, counselors, teachers and Christian ministers. Christina has experience on the mission field and has received training byTCK expert, Michael Pollock.

What are the objectives of the discipleship piece of the Mk Reentry Program?+

We will facilitate focused discussion on topics such as:

  • Helping MKs begin to work through their identity in Christ
  • The positive and challenging aspects of being an MK
  • What to expect and how to cope with reentry stress
  • Developing skills to find like-minded people and build community
  • Navigating through unlimited options and making wise decisions
  • Making goals and following through

Insurance and medical:

How will medical care be provided should my MK need it?+

In the event that the MK needs to see a doctor, they will be taken to a medical facility by a member of our staff.

My MK takes a prescription medication, is this a problem? +

Not at all. Please be sure the appropriate information on the application form is complete.