The purpose of missionsake is to support full-time, English-speaking, evangelical missionaries who are serving as foreigners in El Salvador. We understand that while serving abroad, missionaries lack the natural support structure of family and friends. At missionsake we strive to stand in the gap by walking alongside those who are on the front lines, enabling them to better serve to their fullest potential, the people of Central America. In this way, we care for the worker and the mission. Membership to missionsake helps us to create quality programs, stay connected, and care for our missionary members.

missionsake Membership Benefits

  •  $100 family credit ($50 for singles) for The Gathering

  • Member pricing to all missionsake functions and events

  • Access to Retreat Homes - Up to 10 nights per year for personal use without charge (Non-transferable; for non-ministry use by members only)

  • Access to Standing Stone Ministries scholarship

  • Access to FLDWRK Launch Group (scholarship and discount rate)

  • All missionsake’s care through our investment in:

    • Relationships-To prevent broken relationships from causing missionary attrition, our facilities and events are focused on building and restoring relationships among co-laborers, marriages and families.

    • Rest-To stem the worrying trend of missionary burnout, high turnover and early departure from the mission field we help missionaries schedule a time of respite at our annual retreat (The Gathering) and offer no-cost access to our two relaxing retreat home options on the beach (limited to 10 nights per year).

    • Recreation-To reduce the isolation and stress level of missionaries and their families living in a violent climate, we offer our Punto Mango beach cottages where multiple families can enjoy playing together on a safe beach and riding all-terrain vehicles through the jungle.

    • Redirection-When a missionary is at critical inflection point, we offer a safe place to talk and pray through God’s new direction and connect them with professional counselors or others to help guide them.

    • Rescue-Our emergency fund is designated to respond to urgent and critical needs that our missionaries may face such as: medical emergencies, vehicle repairs, scholarships to our events, trauma counseling, and other emergencies.

    • Re-entry-

      To ensure our missionaries who return home have their practical, spiritual and emotional needs met, we connect them with counseling and support resources to help them reenter society and their home church.

We understand there are many people doing ministry in El Salvador who will fall outside our membership guidelines; many of our member events are also open to non-members.  If you would like to apply for membership please fill out the request for an application

Membership Fees and Regulations


Family membership


Singles Membership



Membership must be paid annually at the beginning of each calendar year and is not prorated.
Membership benefits are not extended before membership fees are paid.
Membership is non-transferable.