Current Ministry Needs

These are current projects that we have on the books, but we are waiting for partners to help complete. 

Missionary Kids (MKs) Work Program

Sponsor a MK to attend a 4-week program in California where they will have the chance to work and be part of the U.S. culture.   $1800 per student

This program will provide missionary kids the opportunity to experience being a teenager in the U.S.  Growing up in the US we where provided with the opportunity to work while in high school.  We learned to earn our own money, save it or spend it without the added pressure of having to pay bills.  We learned to drive with the help of driver’s education and learned to open our first checking/saving account.  These may seem like little things but for a missionary kid there are all things that they did not have the opportunity to do while serving with their parents overseas.

We have set up housing for them to come live with trusted families in Costa Mesa, CA and work at the OC Fair for 4 weeks.  This experience will allow them to work with other teenagers in a save fun environment, earn cash for the summer without the stress of paying bills.  We will have weekly gathering to experience California at it’s summer best, have weekly dinners with the Robeck family where they will discuss transition to the states from their serving country. Attend church together and learn to drive through a certified orange county driving school. 

We have seen the results of what this type of experience has been for MKs and it is amazing to see the difference it makes in the success of their transition as young adults. 

Would you consider being a part of their success?

 Adopted a room in the missionary guest homes

We have an ongoing need for support of the guest houses.  $300/ month

Our missionary retreat homes provide a safe and relaxing place for our missionary to retreat to free of charge.  We incur hard costs every month with just keeping the homes operational and open for our missionaries to use. 
Would you consider helping us keep the lights on for them? 

Giving back to our community

Build a workshop to teach the local kids woodworking.  $3,000

Recently Green Acres Baptist Church purchased a large amount of woodworking machinery for our ministry. We would love to be able to use these tools to be used to help mentor the local youth, We are looking for $3000 to build a small workshop for them to use and be trained.

Surf Camp $1,200

We have recently had the opportunity to have be an active part of giving back to the community in which the missionary homes are a part of.  There are 30 + local kids ranging in age from 8-12 that were part of a surf camp held in El Zonte.  The surf camp opens the door to share the love of Christ to the local kids who are faced with being part of the gang life or giving their life to Jesus.  Help us lead them to Christ through relations that are being built in the water. 

Community outreach.

Sponsor a student to go to college

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Are you interested in helping?