Community Build Project

The El Zonte Community Build is an extension of MF and their desire to care and support the people of El Salvador. MF’s Community Build’s desire is to help educate and equip kids to create a sustainable future for them. The hope is that the community of El Zonte in El Salvador will be impacted by the love of God and the value of education.


The PAUlson family

In 2016 our entire family (me, Erik, my wife Jenny and our three boys, Jude, James and Jonah) traveled to El Salvador to visit good friends who where missionaries in the country.  My heart was moved when our family was asked to host a surf camp for some local kids living in the community of El Zonte. It was then that I met Jorge Valenzula.  Jorge and I immediately connected over our love of surfing, Jesus and giving.

For our first surf camp we had 20 kids show up.  They where amped. We all got to surf together, hang out, play by the pool, eat together and then hear Jorge give his testimony of being a surfer who loves Jesus.  That day changed my life.

Over the course of the next year Jorge starting meeting with several of the kids from the community. This led to him engaging in bible studies, mentoring, guidance and instilling the value of education into the lives of the children.  As I have been able to walk with Jorge over the last year, I was moved to see that his group of kids had grown from the initial 20 kids to over 100 kids. I asked myself how we as a community could come alongside Jorge and his group of kids to equip them for the future.  As I looked at my own boys and the hope, I have for their future I was moved by the need for education in this community. Our hope to is to give these kids another option besides joining a gang.  Through Jorge’s mentorship in Christ and his value for education we are able to help provide a better future for these kids.


The Valenzula family

Jorge and his family live in the community of El Zonte, El Salvador. It was 4 years ago where God got a hold of Jorge’s heart and transformed him. His love for the fatherless and children in the community is contagious. He is faithful walking with kids and their families to bring the hope of Jesus to them. He shows up and the kids are drawn to him and his incredible family.


Instilling Education

Let’s walk with kids to help give them a better life outside of gangs. The only way to do this is through education.  Many kids are not able to finish high school because there is not a local one in town. They must travel 30 minutes outside of their town to go to school.  This poses a huge problem for many.

1. They are at greater risk for recruitment for gangs

2. It poses great danger to them physically

3. Cost, the family just do not have the means to pay for any type of safe transportation

Systems Water Proofing is purchasing a truck to transport kids to high school.  Will you join them?

Will You consider giving $100, $250, $400, $500 or some other amount to help send these kids to school?

Together we can make a difference in a community where kids are given the opportunity to go to school. COME BUILD WITH US!