Retirement program

To remain effective in ministry, missionaries need to be equipped in all stages of life. Retirement planning is a crucial part of the missionary journey. Too often, we have seen missionaries so caught up in the goal of the call, they have no plan for exiting the field and have no way to retire.

Biblical practical reason missionaries should have a plan for retirement:

  • Many missionaries who are not saving for retirement leave the field early to take a job that will provide for retirement. This means they often spend years laying the groundwork for a ministry and then must leave the ministry just when it is finally beginning to bear fruit.

  • On the other end of the spectrum, many missionaries stay on the field beyond their calling because they have no way to support themselves financially if they leave.

  • Out of desperation, missionaries are at risk of making unwise decisions or misappropriating ministry funds in attempts to make up for shortfalls in funds available to sustain them in their later years.

Please download this helpful worksheet to help guide you through an exit plan Retirement Handout

Parenting Young Adults

Planning for Missionary
Kids’ Young Adult Years

As missionary parents, one of our greatest concerns is how to prepare and plan for the future of our children. Serving on the mission field does not mean we are hijacking future opportunities for our kids! God has intent in the unique childhood MKs experience and He has a future and a hope for them. missionsake wants to come alongside the missionary parent to offer tools and resources as you prepare for the crucial years approaching your child’s high school graduation and early adult years.