FLDWRK is an organization based in California that supports purposeful entrepreneurs through coaching programs, consultation, and gatherings. FLDWRK brings founders and leaders of mission organizations into community to address challenges, share ideas, and grow together. In 2018, FLDWRK Co-founder and CEO, Jeff Tanner, attended The Gathering in El Salvador to host a workshop and offer coaching and consultation to missionaries. Those who met with him gained valuable practical insight and support. Interest in ongoing coaching and consultation has prompted missionsake to partner with FLDWRK to establish a Launch Group based in San Salvador.

We are seeking to fund up to 20 missionaries to join this innovative group. Through a live and virtual program, the San Salvador Coaching Group will receive the same guidance, equipping, and encouragement that purposeful entrepreneurs receive at FLDWRK’s co-working spaces in California.

Program details are as follows:

  • Monthly online coaching groups with other ministry founders in San Salvador, facilitated by FLDWRK coaches

  • Individual online coaching check-ins with FLDWRK coaches

  • Monthly online workshops on foundational topics such as: crafting or refining one’s mission and vision; building a financial proforma; using a business model canvas for strategic planning; and developing communication tools to help raise funds and partners

  • Access to FLDWRK’s online community, connecting missionaries with other entrepreneurs across the globe for access to tools, resources, courses, and encouragement

  • Semi-annually, FLDWRK’s coaching team will travel to San Salvador to meet with the program participants for Launch Group retreats that will accelerate their development and growth

 To apply to be part of the FLDWRK program please contact cristina@missionsake.com